A Sneak Peek to the Future of Meetings

Future is always a thrilling topic – especially, when it’s related to everyday life, like work. German Convention Bureau has been leading a project, Future Meeting Space Innovation Network that has been studying the trends and topics related to meetings and conventions. They launched the first Future Meeting Space Catalogue in 2015. This spring, as a second phase of the program, they visited Finland and the most innovative meeting venues here, for example The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia.

The trends of future meetings

Meetings are an essential part of our daily working life. New technologies have eased them a lot for example by making remote access possible via Skype, conference calls or video connections. However, after reading the Future Meeting Space catalogue one realizes that remote access is only a small piece in a large puzzle – a lot more is to come.

According to the catalogue, the big trends and influences are:

  1. Societal changes that includes e.g. sharing economy, personification, young generations, co-working and sustainability.
  2. Didactics and methodology that includes for example an ongoing megatrend gamification.
  3. Technological changes. Skype starts to feel outdated when comparing to the telepresence, tangible media technologies and other technological changes presented in the catalogue.
  4. Mobility. Not only covers this the current mobile trend but also driverless cars and buses.
  5. Infrastructure. New technologies can be adapted to the whole infrastructure. Examples of this are for example alternative payment methods, Wifi balloons and virtual LED skies.

These trends will not only affect to how the meetings are held but also to the requirements for a meeting space. Other factors that will likely shape the meeting spaces are interaction, flexibility, short-term availability, time efficiency, safety and experience.

A modern meeting location in a national park – The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

Couple of weeks back, Visit Espoo had the honor to be a host together with Finland Convention Bureau and Helsinki Convention Bureau when German Convention Bureau and Fraunhofer Institute visited Finland.

The visitors had a tour in the most innovative meeting locations around Helsinki and Espoo but one of the venues stood out due to its special location and nature. The venue was The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia and is located in a Finnish National Park, Nuuksio, in Espoo.

The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia serves both as an exhibition center for private visitors and a modern meeting and convention venue with necessary technology and facilities for corporate visitors and organizations.

The visitors found Haltia very inspiring, surprising, and convincing with authentic and positive atmosphere. A special feature in Haltia that was also brought out by the visitors is that it combines business and pleasure seamlessly. After an effective meeting the whole group can enjoy of outdoor activities in a National Park and thereby have a refreshing escape from daily routines. That is, Haltia fulfills excellently at least one of the future trends: experience.

Top knotch know-how from Finland with love

The reason why the German visitors chose to visit Finland was country’s good reputation for creativity, sustainability, thrilling ideas and content related link between science, research, and innovation for meeting spaces. Indeed, there are many companies and startups in Finland that contribute to the future of meetings and events with innovative products and services.

As an example can be mentioned Catchbox, a startup established in Espoo Innovation Garden. Innovation Garden is the home of the most exciting innovation hub in the Northern Europe with thriving international companies, vivid startup ecosystem, various cultural activities and sports clubs as well as renowned community of scientists and researchers.

Catchbox is a throwable microphone that makes it easy to move the microphone to the next speaker in a big event. In addition, it encourages people to talk, share opinions and give speeches. There is also a fun factor, since not in every conference it’s ok to throw objects!

If you want to read more about future meetings, take a closer look at the Future Meeting Space Catalogue!

Text: Suvi Joensivu

The article is written by Suvi Joensivu who works as a Marketing Manager at Venuu.fi, a booking service for event venues. If you are looking for an inspiring meeting space, check out the selection of meeting rooms on Venuu.fi.

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